Natalie Portman Shares a New Mighty Thor Variant of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’s Poster

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The first trailer gave us a tease of what Thor: Love and Thunder has in store for us with a great poster highlighting the 80s inspiration of the film. Yet, the ending gave us our first look at Natalie Portman‘s return to the franchise as Mighty Thor. Surprisingly, the first poster mainly focused on Chris Hemsworth and it seems that Portman wanted to quickly correct that, as she shared a variant of the poster with her version of the character taking the central stage.

The best part is that it also switches up the tagline to “The One is Not the Only One” as a callout to the tagline of the original poster being “The One and Only.” It’s a fun way to tease her character, who only briefly appeared in the trailer at the end. We’re likely going to get a better look at her character and tease if Thor knows who’s behind the mask as more trailers arrive over time.

It’s a great marketing move to wait a bit before releasing this poster, as it builds upon the reveal of her return. Surprisingly, they kept her helmet out of this poster which makes you wonder just how much she’ll wear it throughout the film. Even Thor very rarely wears a helmet, as it mostly hides his face, but perhaps he got grabbed too often by the wings and was annoyed by it holding him back. Here’s hoping that the next trailer won’t take too long to release, especially as it’s already set to premiere in July.

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