Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Adds Stevel Marc as Red-Haired Pirate Yasopp

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While Netflix hasn’t given us an update on the live-action One Piece series since the initial poster releases a few weeks ago, there have still been some curious developments hinting at the future of the latest Netflix adaptation. The WGA included a listing of the One Piece writers already working on the scripts for a potential second season, which isn’t too uncommon even ahead of an actual renewal by the streaming service. Now, we seemingly have our next casting of a major player in the One Piece universe.

As first noticed by @OP_Netflix_Fan, actor Stevel Marc has seemingly updated his CV, which includes the interesting addition that he is taking on the role of Yasopp (spelled “Yassop” likely due to the way his name was earlier in the series due to the headband in his design using that spelling), the father of Usopp and a member of the Red Hair Pirates. In the original manga, he’s one of the first people we see recruited as part of Shanks’ crew. Monkey D. Luffy actually meets Yasopp during the Red-Haired Pirate’s time in Windmill Village. So, he’s likely not going to appear just once in the first season of the series.

Jacob Romero Gibson was cast in the role of Usopp, and it’ll be interesting to see how close they stick to the dynamic from the original manga. While Yasopp left his wife and child behind to become a pirate, Usopp didn’t resent his father for leaving but rather dreamed of one day stepping into his shoes as a great warrior of the sea as well. His mother, Banchina, will be played by actress Chanté Grainger.

Source: Artist Connection

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