New ‘Andor’ Set Photos Tease Familiar Imperials

andor set photos

It has already been four months since we got the official reveal that the Rogue One spin-off would be titled Andor. It is one of many Disney+ series that will continue to expand the Star Wars franchise in new and interesting ways. The pandemic has left its scars on the spin-off, as it forced Tony Gilroy to leave the franchise’s reigns to Black Mirror‘s Toby Haynes. Directors Ben Caron and Susanna White would join the production a few months ago before it officially entered production. Now, we finally also get a few glimpses at the set through @OutlawNoah, which already offers a look at some familiar Imperial outfits.



As he points out, the set design does have a vibe that is similar to Canto Bight. The location was a coastal city on the desert planet Cantonica, which Finn and Rose visited during the events of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. If you consider the time difference between the events of this series and the sequel trilogy, it might be a different location that was also quite elaborate.

It’s interesting that the Imperial Guards, who are wearing similar uniforms to Ben Mendelsohn‘s Orson Krennic. As the series is a prequel to Rogue One, there is a chance he might make an appearance in some form or another. We still know very little about the series, which may act as a standalone project or even consist of multiple seasons that build up to the events that would start a new hope in the galaxy far far away.

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