New ‘Aquaman 2’ Set Photos Confirm Ben Affleck’s DCEU Return

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Here’s a surprise that very few might’ve expected but a new post by Jason Momoa may have hinted that Ben Affleck‘s Bruce Wayne is back in the DC Extended Universe. There’s been no word on where exactly the multiversal storyline is heading with Michael Keaton‘s arrival heavily teased (even though it was confirmed long ago) in The Flash. Now, it looks like the current Batman is making his return ahead of that film’s arrival as a new batch of set photos for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hints at his return.

It’s a bit surprising that he’d just flat-out reveal this potential cameo. So, they could also just be playing around with viewers but he does seem to be wearing a very Bruce Wayne-esque suit. Not just that, but the video at the end reveals that “B.A.” has his own trailer with the DC films’ production title “Necrus” on it. So, it does seem likely we could see the return of his version of Bruce Wayne before Keaton takes over ahead of The Flash going into Batgirl.

His inclusion could be another sign that this is a move to streamline some aspects before breaking apart the DC multiverse. They may have planned on including scenes of a Batman but with The Flash pushed back quite a bit, they may have wanted to add a familiar face for audiences. Plus, he is set to appear in the Ezra Miller-led project, which would help boost that film’s box office knowing that he’s going to tie it all together. Who knows what exactly their plans are moving forward, but it’s going to be exciting either way.

Source: Instagram

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