New ‘Batgirl’ Set Video Teases Her Investigation of a Murder Case

batgirl set video

It’s still insane just how much we’ve seen from Batgirl‘s sets over the course of the last few weeks. Once the cameras started rolling, we’ve somehow gotten quite a good look at the DC film that introduces Leslie Grace as the iconic member of the Batfamily. We still know very little about the film outside of Brendan Fraser‘s joining the production as the Batman villain Firefly. There’s always a chance that something bigger is at play, and a new set video reveals she’s investigating a cover-up of a murder. She references someone that killed an innocent woman, and it’s uncertain if this might be in reference to Firefly or someone else, but one thing is for sure: murder is afoot in Gotham.

We know that the series takes heavy inspiration from Batgirl of Burnside, where she becomes a popular hero until someone from her past starts trying to tear it down. It’s uncertain how much they’ll take from that story – outside of the obvious visual references of her costume – but they may be adding a spin to the story. Batman may also have a role in the story, who may become a confidant throughout her investigation. Firefly seems like the obvious choice to be behind these events but he’s an arsonist and not a murderer. Plus, Fraser has become knwon for playing loveable yet flawed characters. There’s a chance his addition might be a bit of a red herring.

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