New ‘Black Adam’ Funko Spotted With Hawkman’s Ship

black adam funko

It’s been over a year since we first heard descriptions of Hawkman’s iconic ship making its ways to the live-action Black Adam film. While the first tease didn’t give us a good look at it, a new Funko Pop has been spotted in the wild that includes Hawkman riding his ship. While it’ll likely look quite a bit different in live-action, it does seem like it’s our first look at his ship in the upcoming film.

The other set of Funko Pops we’re first seen a few weeks ago, as we got our first look at the film’s villain Sabbac, alongside the Justice Society of America members and two Black Adam-focused Funko Pops. At the time, the ship wasn’t included, so it’s a nice surprise that they are also releasing one.

There is a chance that he doesn’t actually have his own ship, but the team of the Justice Society is actively using one. They could’ve reused Thanagarian technology, which would be a great way to confirm the origin of this version of the character, while also giving the team a way to keep up with Black Adam, who’ll likely just fly from one location to the next whenever he pleases. For now, we can only speculate.

Source: Twitter

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