New ‘Black Adam’ Promo Art Teases a Showdown With Hawkman

black adam promo

It looks like some more promo art for Black Adam has found its way online highlighting the members of the Justice Society of America. Not only that, but it also highlights Black Adam as part of the team. While he seems like an unlikely candidate to join any kind of team, the new promotional images offer a good look at the members of the team, which we previously saw through Funko Pops that don’t highlight every detail these characters will bring to the table. The images were shared by @DCversio1.

Overall, the costumes look great, and it’ll be interesting to see if we get a full showdown between the heroes with the newfound ally that has his own understanding of what it means to represent justice. ‘One of the promotional material seems to imply that there will be a battle with Hawkman at least.

The visual of having the members be highlighted with diamonds while Black Adam is a lightning bolt highlights that he may be among other heroes, he definitely stands out on his own terms. We see a continued highlight of Doctor Fate’s unique mask that seems split down the middle with one side reflecting order and possibly chaos, something our very own John Sabato has noted in the past. Or, he just took a punch from the almighty wielder of the power of Shazam that left quite a sizeable dent in his helmet.

The introduction of the JSA is also a big moment for DC movies and may highlight there’s more than just the Justice League. We’re still anticipating a trailer that offers us a better look at these heroes in action. Maybe the first trailer teases that very battle for supremacy included in the promo art.

Source: Twitter

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