New ‘Black Panther 2’ Merch Reveals a More Comic-Accurate Ironheart Armor

ironheart armor

It seems that merchandise is how we get our first look at various designs for the upcoming release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. It’s become a curious trend that most “first looks” at character designs come from their merchandise that seemingly leaks ahead of the premiere; sometimes even months ahead. Now, we got a good look at a more comic-accurate version of the Ironheart armor.

The first look was shared by @namecomputron which reveals Ironheart alongside Shuri and Namor. The design looks a lot like how it was in the comics. The only real difference is that the red color is quite dominant in this design and her having a black rather than yellow faceplate. So, it’s quite a bit closer to what we saw in the comics but still with its own design twists.

@CosmicMMedia has also shared a zoom-in of the images to offer a better look at just how large the Ironheart armor looks, as we can also clearly see some concept art used on the cover of the toy.

It’s a shame that this hasn’t been kept a secret until the film’s release, as it would’ve been great to see her armor appear as a surprise twist. Of course, we also saw that the upcoming Ironheart series includes a different type of armor. Perhaps we’ll see her try out various versions to find the one that fits her and this is just another version she tests out. It’s also quite a departure from the more heavy prototype we saw earlier. We’ll have to see if the next trailer teases Riri Williams’ armor.

Source: Twitter

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