New Japanese ‘Sonic Frontiers’ Trailer Hints at November Release

sonic frontiers release

Many have been wondering when we can expect the release of Sonic Frontiers. After a bit of a backlash of the game looking unfinished early on in its previews, many wondered if we might see it get delayed. Well, a new trailer ahead of Gamescom may have accidentally leaked that the game is eyeing a November 8th release.

As shared by Twitter user @Nibellion, the Japanese trailer included the release date in November but was swiftly taken down later. So, it does add a bit of weight that this may have accidentally gone online earlier than intended especially with Gamescom’s opening night promising quite a few new trailers and reveals.

We’ll see what else might be heading our way with this game, especially if they made some tweaks to make it stand out more. While the open-world concept works well with Sonic the Hedgehog, it does seem oddly fixed on how you get around and especially with the combat showcased. Here’s hoping that a new trailer could build up some anticipation once it officially gets a release date.

Source: Twitter

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