New ‘Kraven the Hunter’ Set Photos Offer First Close-Up of Aaron Taylor-Johnson

kraven the hunter set photo

It was back in March when we got our first look at the production of Sony’s Kraven the Hunter film. Their next attempt at a Spider-Man universe is well underway in production and sees former Quicksilver Aaron Taylor-Johnson taking on the role of the titular hunter. We only saw an action sequence of him holding unto a car. Now, JustJared has shared a few new photos that offer a better close-up of the actor in the iconic Marvel villain role.

As we can’t share photos from JustJared, you can check them out by clicking here.

What stands out is that he has the classic beard of the hunter, as well as hair that is similar to the comics. The image of him in a suit showcases that he has a necklace with a claw of some kind attached, which is probably a way to pay tribute to his necklace in the comics that usually consists of multiple claws. His other outfit seems a bit more militarized with the necklace and a strange brown bracelet on one of his wrists. It’s unclear what the event is that he is attending.

We don’t know if we’ll get to see Kraven wear his iconic fur coat made from a lion he hunted. There’s a lot we don’t know about this project, especially how they might explore his potential connection to the setup from Morbius‘ post-credit sequence. The fact they are building a team to take down Spider-man without ever interacting with the character does add some confusion to what the endgame of this universe may end up being, especially as we don’t know which Spider-Man exists in this timeline.

Source: JustJared

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