New Rumor Reveals the Avengers Final Foe in ‘Secret Wars’

As Phase 5 prepares to kick off soon with Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, fans are just starting to get a sense of what Marvel Studios Multiverse Saga is going to truly all about. After the revelation that the new saga will conclude in 2026 with Avengers: Secret Wars, fans have been sure that someone other than Jonathan Majors‘ Kang would be the villain of the piece. It turns out they may have been right…sort of.

A new rumor from Twitter user MyTimeToShineHello has revealed that Secret Wars is set to introduce a classic Marvel Comics character and the entity behind the original 1984 Secret Wars event: the Beyonder. The rumor comes with a twist, however, in that the MCU’s version of the Beyonder will be yet another Variant of Majors’ character.

While a lot of online conversation about a potential villain centered on Doctor Doom, who was the primary antagonist of the 2015 version of Secret Wars, it seems, if the rumor is true, that Marvel Studios has chosen to make their big saga-ender a mashup of the 1984 and 2015 events with both incursions and the Beyonder playing roles.

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