New Set Video Shows Blue Beetle in Action

blue beetle set video

Just yesterday, we got our first look at the fantastic design of Blue Beetle’s first live-action costume. The DC film has been busy filming some action sequences with actor Xolo Mariduena wearing the costume. It looks like that wasn’t all just yet, as the Daily Mail has also shared some new set videos from that same sequence, which gives us a closer look at what the young hero Jaime Reyes is up to.

We theorized that the day shots might be while the young hero is trying his best to get a grip of his abilities. It’s not every day that you have an alien beetle just attached to your spine and giving you abilities that are far beyond your human understanding. Going by the video, it seems that he has accidentally landed in someone’s car, as he jumps out and swiftly apologizes for destroying it.

It’ll be interesting to see if we’ll also spend time with Reyes in school, as we’re seeing a rise in young superheroes trying to balance their school life with acting like a superhero in their off time. Marvel Studios will soon release Ms. Marvel with a young heroine who will tackle the same issue. So, it seems like a new and young generation is about to enter the world of superheroes.

Source: Daily Mail, Twitter

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