New ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Merchandise Offers New Look at Jane Foster’s Thor Design and Reforged Mjolnir

thor love and thunder jane foster

Some time ago, we got our first look at the upcoming design for Jane Foster’s transformation into Thor in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder film. It looked quite faithful to the original comic storyline with its own little details that are right at home in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, a new line of merchandise has found its way online that offers a closer look at her design alongside further confirmation that the hammer she wields is the reconnected Mjolnir that Hela destroyed in Ragnarok.

We also got a new action figure that offers a high-quality look at her design and the many details that went into bringing Natalie Portman‘s new tenure as the Goddess of Thunder to life. There are some nice details added, such as the design on her helmet and on the chest plate. It also looks like she’ll definitely have blonde hair when she transforms like in the comics.

The hammer is also highlighted here once again made of different shards held together. If the toy is any inclination, it seems that the lightning is holding the pieces together and something may have awoken it to its power once more now that Jane is wielding it. Perhaps she found one of the shards and it deemed her worthy to wield it. Whatever direction they go, it’s going to be exciting to see her in action.

Source: Marvel

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