New ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Set Photos Tease Thor and Jane on a Date

thor love and thunder set

We’ve recently gotten some set video from Thor: Love and Thunder that confirmed the production has entered reshoots. It’s quite the common practice for Marvel Studios at this point and it seems that they might be using this chance to add some flashbacks into the production. New photos have surfaced featuring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman with their look from Thor: The Dark World. Not just that, they also seem to be out on a date of some kind with hot dogs. So, we might finally find out why they went their separate ways at some point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The images are provided by Twitter user @lovethundernews.

Love and Thunder has a very telling name. It’ll be interesting to see how they integrate these flashbacks especially with Jane Foster’s new role in this story. Portman‘s return came with the confirmation she’ll wield Mjolnir at some point in the story. It’s unclear what that entails especially as his hammer was destroyed back in Thor: Ragnarok. Plus, we never found out why they went their separate ways in the franchise. The film will be our first look into it which might also be one of the core emotional anchor for Thor in this new storyline.

Source: Twitter

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