New Website Domain Further Hints at ‘Persona 5’ Spinoff

persona 5 sequel

The Persona rumor mill continues to go haywire after a recent leak claimed a Persona 5 spinoff is joining the already hinted Persona 6 and rumored Persona 3 Remake. It’s Persona everywhere for the next two years, but there’s still nothing concrete. Sony’s PlayStation Showcase was a no-show for the franchise but a new website listing may be hinting at something Persona-related happening after all.

A new listing has been uncovered by Twitter user @MbKKssTBhz5, which is P5T.JP. The domain has just been created and fits the usual naming we see with anything Persona 5-related such as P5R for Persona 5 Royal, P5S for Persona 5 Strikers, and more. So, it would match the usual naming and adds more weight to the recent rumors of a potential spinoff.

The question now is what exactly the domain’s “T” stands for. Some are hoping for a fighting spinoff like the Arena series from Persona 4, but it may also be a direct sequel similar to Strikers. Though, it might get confusing for fans of Royal given that the first official sequel to P5 is actually only for the vanilla game. So, we’ll have to see just how they are interested in expanding this part o the franchise and how it might stand out between a Persona 3 Remake and the long-awaited sixth entry.

Source: Twitter, Persona Central

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