New ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Poster Teases Trailer at DC FanDome

We all were wondering how big DC FanDome was going to be that we underestimated how much they’d do to promote it. Rocksteady promoted their upcoming Suicide Squad game. Matt Reeves released the logo for The Batman alongside some key art. WB Games Montreal has been teasing their upcoming game with cryptic tweets. It has been an insane week and DC FanDome is already tomorrow. Now, Warner Bros. has also released a brand new poster for Wonder Woman 1984.

Now that is what I call a beautiful poster. Wonder Woman has really embraced the 80s aesthetic. They also are highlighting that amazing new costume for Wonder Woman that makes me think of Saint Seiya every time I see it. It is also exciting to think we will get a new trailer as well. We still do not know when the film will release with all the delays but WB seems to be sticking to their guns with the “only in Cinemas” tagline. They might be trying to gain some points while Disney is exploring VOD options with Mulan.

Hopefully, the upcoming trailer will give us our first good look at Cheetah. We did get some teases of Kristen Wiig’s Barbara Minerva in the last trailer. Sadly, we are still waiting to see a fully transformed Cheetah in action. It will be interesting to see how her character plays into the story. I’ll be honest, if the trailer is anything to go by I am just really excited to hear the soundtrack they have planned for this film. Cannot wait to explore the DCEU’s 80s in WW84.

Source: Twitter

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