Norman Reedus Seemingly Confirms ‘Death Stranding’ Sequel is in Production

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Many were excited to see what the first independent-produced game by Kojima Productions would look like, especially with Hideo Kojima taking full charge of the project. It resulted in the game known as Death Stranding, which was quite a bit different from what many expected the Metal Gear Solid director would end up working on. In it, you take on the role of Sam, played by Norman Reedus, who transports items across a post-apocalypse from one bunker to the next, helping humanity rebuild and research the mysterious phenomenon that changed the world.

In an interview with Leo Edit, it seems he may have accidentally confirmed that they are working on a sequel. In the interview, he reveals that he met Kojima through Guillermo Del Toro, where he worked on his first feature film. Seemed he didn’t have many options as Del Toro told him to just say yes and that’s how he ended up on what would’ve been Silent Hills. Still when asked about what’s to follow after wrapping up on The Walking Dead.

We just started the second one.

Norman Reedus

It’s definitely surprising that Kojima Productions is working on a sequel, as while it was definitely critically acclaimed, sales seemed a bit more mellow than initially expected. Still, Death Stranding has a lot of potential in further exploring the world it presents and he hints it took him “two to three years” to finish the MoCap. So, they may have finished work on another project in the meantime before tackling the sequel. Yet, it’s only speculation as we haven’t heard anything outside of the Director’s Cut since the release back in 2019.

Source: Leo

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