‘One Piece’ Going on Brief Hiatus as Eiichiro Oda Plans to Prepare the Final Saga

one piece final saga

It’s insane to think that mangaka Eiichiro Oda has been working on One Piece for over 25 years. And, throughout that time he hasn’t taken many breaks as the series follows the Weekly Shonen Jump release format, even if he takes some breaks now and then. As he’s wrapping up work on what may be the biggest saga he’s ever told with Wano, Oda has officially announced that it’s going on a month’s hiatus from Jump’s Issue #30 to #33. He shared the message on Twitter, which was translated by @WSJ_manga.

He jokingly shared a message in regards to his upcoming hiatus, where he highlights that he is trying to reorganize himself before tackling the final arc for the manga. Now, while he does say he wants to finish it as soon as possible, it doesn’t mean the next arc may take as long as Wano did, if not longer. Still, it’s great that he’s taking a break, especially as he also plans to travel to South Africa and visit the set of the live-action One Piece series. It seems his original trip was ruined due to COVID and he is finally using the chance.

One Piece is about to hit another renaissance with a new game on the horizon, the latest film RED and a live-action adaptation. The manga about to enter its final stages is also something that’s hard to believe considering how long it’s been going. It also turns out that Oda hasn’t had a break like this since the initial time skip, which was all the way back in 2010. So, it’s a well-deserved rest as we still have a few more chapters before then, as Wano’s curtains come to a close.

Source: Twitter

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