‘One Piece: Red’ Film Leaks Ahead of Announcement

one piece red leak

While all eyes have been on the upcoming live-action adaptation of One Piece, the franchise is preparing for a big milestone with its 1000th episode just around the corner. So, many expected some announcements around that very milestone and it seems that we got our first tease of the next One Piece film. A logo has found its way online confirming the title of the next one being One Piece: Red with some very familiar marks in the D. It’ll be the 15th entry in the movie franchise that follows up on 2019’s Stampede. The next entry is eyeing an August 6th release with manga creator Eiichiro Oda’s official statement also finding its way online early.

@ScotchInformer also provided a rough translation of Oda’s message for the film announcement:

We’re making a movie!! I’m tired of drawing Old Men! Let me draw female character! The current character we’re working on it is like that! And that was the beginning. Did you know that the director Taniguchi Goro, who is standing opposite to the work of One Piece was actually the first person in the world to make Luffy into an anime? Now, we’ve got some news that’ll really surprise you coming up. The new movie, “RED”!! Please look forward to it as you imagine what it’ll be like!!

There’s also a tease of the “female character” referenced in the message that is highlighted in a banner alongside the upcoming film’s logo.


the mentioned Goro Taniguchi is directing the film with Kuroiwa Tsutomu writing the script. Oda, of course, is acting as a supervisor and producer on the series. It seems that part of these leaks was found in the source code of the official website potentially.

There are quite a few theories that a Shanks-centric film might be canon to the story filling in a gap while the Straw Hat pirates are busy on Wano. It’s uncertain when the current arc in the manga might end, but with the August release, there’s enough time to set up Shank’s upcoming role in the story. He’s been teased quite a bit (especially in episode 955). It’s crazy to think he’s been around since the first chapter but has a very minor role so far in the story. As the series might be nearing its end, it makes sense that he would make his move soon. It’ll be interesting to see if this film explores Shank’s story, or if it involves our favorite pirates in some capacity.

Source: Twitter, Twitter (Translation), Twitter, Twitter

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