Open World ‘Iron Man’ Game From ‘Just Cause’ Studio Was Canceled Back in 2012

iron man game

Well, here’s a rather surprising reveal but it looks like we almost had an open-world Iron Man game all the way back in 2012. Avalance Studios, the masterminds behind the popular and chaotic Just Cause series, were working on a game based on Iron Man for multiple years. Sadly, it seems that Marvel and Disney decided to pull the plug all the way back in 2012.

Avalance co-founder Christofer Sundberg seemingly revealed it for the first time in a clip from an interview with MinnMax. While no details on just how the game would work, it was confirmed as an open-world game that fits neatly into their general approach to game design. The only games we got from the character, who saw a resurgence in popularity thanks to the MCU’s early beginnings, were movie tie-ins and a decent VR game.

The potential to just fly anywhere as Iron Man sounds quite promising and hopefully, they may get approached to revive the concept. While Marvel’s Avengers still offers a playable version of the character, its game design is a bit more restrictive on how free you can roam around. With a Marvel and Disney gaming event on the horizon, perhaps we’ll find out what they have in store for us and what the gaming future of the franchise might look like moving forward.

Source: Twitter

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