‘Quantumania’s Jeff Loveness On What Makes Kang Different From Thanos

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No matter who was going to be the main antagonist moving forward, we all expected comparisons to the original Marvel Cinematic Universe big bad, Thanos. While only making a brief appearance throughout the first three phases, Josh Brolin left quite an impression once he made his true arrival in Avengers: Infinity War. Now, we may get to spend a lot more time with the Multiverse Saga’s antagonist, Kang the Conqueror.

Jeff Loveness had the joy of writing the character in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, where we meet a very different version of the character that just faced his biggest loss. He’s only one of many Variants that are eyeing a multiversal war at some point in the future. The writer of the Ant-Man threequel got a chance to highlight what makes Jonathan Majors‘ antagonist stand out from the previous big bad.

And so that allowed us to really give Jonathan Majors an opportunity to show the sheer humanity of this character. It’s also the opposite of Thanos. Josh Brolin did a terrific job, obviously. So much has been said about Thanos, but he is a purple, CGI space alien. So it was thrilling to write for a human face and one as expressive as Jonathan Majors’. But there’s going to be plenty of sci-fi and conquering in these Avengers movies going forward, so my approach was to give people a taste of who this guy is.

Jeff Loveness

And what a taste he gave us. We not only had the “nice” version of Loki but also Quantumania‘s version that is hellbent on getting what he deserves. Loveness pulled from his comic knowledge to get a true feel for this character and compared him to Chris Claremont‘s iconic take of Magneto, as we see a character going through many events in his life instead of just what we are told.

Well, I think you root for someone who knows defeat. Thanos says that he knows what it’s like to lose, but we never see him lose until the end of Endgame. All he does is toss away the people that he loves and beat Thor’s ass. But yes, it’s a risk, and we certainly took some heat for it. But I am willing to bet that we are going to root for a guy that we’ve seen stumble and fall, much like Chris Claremont’s Magneto from those X-Men comics. That guy loses a lot, and we see how much pain he’s been through. And so by the time he really unleashes that rage, we’re on his side and we kind of get it. So I think we’re allowed to have a villain that takes a few shots along the way as [Kang the Conqueror or his variants] make their rise.

Jeff Loveness

He also compares it to Loki’s journey, who would become one of the most popular antagonists/anti-heroes in the MCU. He wants to ensure that “his defeat was a way to showcase his humanity and his unending passion.” The most interesting quote is that “Kang is not a guy that you can beat once; he is an existential problem” and highlights just how dangerous he will be in the future.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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