REPORT: Aubrey Plaza Joins the MCU in a Mystery Role for ‘Agatha’ Disney+ Series

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Here’s a big surprise but shortly after the casting announcement has dropped that Joe Locke has joined the upcoming WandaVision spinoff Agatha: Coven of Chaos, it seems we may have news on another major addition. Illuminerdi has shared that Aubrey Plaza has seemingly joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a mystery role for the upcoming Disney+ series.

While no details are shared on what role she has, she is seemingly going to be part of “a group of supporting female characters,” which likely hints at her being part of the coven mentioned in the title. The Parks and Recreation star has been a long-time favorite to get cast in a role and it would be a shame if this is just a one-and-done for the actress.

Still, Agatha is slowly turning into a very interesting project. Ever since the “early days” of Marvel Studios’ Disney+ venture, we’ve been seeing them evolve and adapt with each new series. Most of the ones released so far, including Secret Invasion, were produced around similar times and future projects might look a bit different as they start learning from those experiences.

The fact that Agatha and a potential Vision Quest project are in developmental as spinoffs from WandaVision, opens up the question of what they might help build up towards. The Multiverse Saga is still going but there’s no direct bridge with the overarching narrative besides Wanda’s ability to warp reality at her will. Perhaps they are laying the groundwork for her return to the MCU.

Source: Illuminerdi

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