REPORT: ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Soundtrack Includes Spoiler-Filled Track Names

doctor strange 2 spoilers

If you want to avoid spoilers of any kind for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, then only continue reading at your own risk.

Nowadays, it seems like an upcoming film release has become a treacherous search for a way to avoid spoilers. Marvel Studios has even been releasing promo videos that give away quite a bit that caught many off-guard. Now, we also have to avoid sou tracks for films, as they include teases for story beats and hints at major events throughout the film’s run. Film Music Reporter has now released the full soundtrack for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and it contains some curious details on what we can expect from the film. Though, keep in mind that the track order has not been confirmed yet.

  1. Multiverse of Madness (2:37)
  2. On the Run (2:17)
  3. Strange Awakens (0:43)
  4. The Apple Orchard (3:18)
  5. Are You Happy (1:08)
  6. Gargantos (2:50)
  7. Journey with Wong (1:44)
  8. Home? (4:08)
  9. Strange Statue (1:43)
  10. The Decision Is Made (1:14)
  11. A Cup of Tea (3:58)
  12. Discovering America (0:47)
  13. Grab My Hand (1:14)
  14. Battle Time (3:11)
  15. Not a Monster (2:38)
  16. Forbidden Ground (2:29)
  17. Tribunal (2:13)
  18. They’re Not Coming Back (1:00)
  19. Stranger Things Will Happen (2:56)
  20. Buying Time (3:39)
  21. Book of Vishanti (2:45)
  22. Looking for Strange (1:38)
  23. Strange Talk (3:32)
  24. Lethal Symphonies (1:48)
  25. Getting Through (5:34)
  26. Only Way (2:51)
  27. Trust Your Power (2:54)
  28. They’ll Be Loved (3:59)
  29. Farewell (2:29)
  30. An Interesting Question (3:13)
  31. Main Titles (2:36)
  32. An Unexpected Visitor (0:32)

Danny Elfman is working on the soundtrack, which is going to be quite promising given his history with the genre. He’s already helped work on MCU projects in the past and so he’ll be right back at home with this project. The biggest question though lies in the title “An Unexpected Visitor.” If that is indeed the final song on the track, it seems like we’ll meet someone from the multiverse that may set the path moving forward. Perhaps that unexpected visitor is the same that visited Dane Whitman in Eternals.

Source: Film Music Reporter

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