‘Returnal’ Adds New Survival Mode and Campaign Co-Op in a New Free Update

returnal update

It looks like there are some big plans for Returnal, as the survival rogue-lite has revealed a new update that will not only feature a new survival mode but even a co-op campaign. The best part: it’ll be made available on March 22nd for those looking to return to the challenge and give it another go. It seems that the game will receive a new subtitle “Ascension” with the survival mode being in a mysterious tower.

Returnal was one of the biggest surprises for me and a definite PlayStation 5 experience with its loading times, action-packed adventure, and recurring challenge. Every time you die, you restart at the beginning of the game with barely any equipment left outside of a select few items the game lets you keep. The rogue-lite elements certainly add to its charm even if it’s not the best game if you’re just planning a quick gaming session due to the lack of a save function.

Still, the ability to play with a friend through the campaign may hopefully help players that are having a hard time to finally beat that one boss that has been holding them back from fully experiencing the game’s full story. It’ll be interesting how it also tackles the first-person moments that break the game’s pace for some sweet reprieve.

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