Robert Pattinson Tried on All Former Batman Suits Except One

In a new interview with Fandango, Robert Pattinson reveals that he had a chance to try on all former Batman suits with one exception.
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Fandango has just dropped an exclusive interview with the cast of The Batman, as they shared some insights into what to expect from the film. We’re only a few more weeks away and the tickets are finally up for sale. During the interview, the cast is asked who their favorite incarnation of Batman was, and got a surprising reveal from its main star Robert Pattinson, who got a chance to actually wear most of the suits from the former films.

I weirdly got to try on every single Batman outfit for my screen test to see actually which Batman I was. […] The only person who had a large enough head to fit into the cowl was Clooney. I did not realize everyone else had quite small heads. So you can judge it, the most important thing is the cowl, but his suit I could not fit into.

Robert Pattinson

He does reveal that there was one exception, as he didn’t have the chance to try on Adam West‘s costume, but his costume probably would break at this point if someone would try to put it on. It’s kind of a great idea to let Pattison try on the costumes to get a feeling for which one fits him best. It’s funny to think that only George Clooney‘s cowl fit his head. Sadly, we might not get to see the photos of him wearing the costumes but there’s always a chance the blu-ray release, later on, might include it.

Source: Fandango

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