Rockstar Games Confirms Active Development on ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’

grand theft auto 6

It’s weird to think that it took an announcement, to begin with, but Rockstar Games took to Twitter to confirm that they are already working on the next official entry in their popular Grand Theft Auto franchise. Their current version has been available since the Playstation 3 and has gone on to become a mainstay for many players, especially through the offering of Grand Theft Auto Online, which continued to add more content for players.

Rockstar Games took to Twitter to announce that the project is definitely underway and they aim to offer even more from what their latest release offered. So, it’ll be interesting to see how they want to make this new version stand out after we had three protagonists, especially as we had the ability to switch between them at any time.

The first real hint we got at production came back in October when Snoop Dogg revealed that Dr. Dre was involved with the project. With the controversy surrounding the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Definite Edition, there might be some hesitancy on Rockstar potentially overpromising. Yet, their mainline entries have been in development for quite some time and the first trailer might offer a better look at what their vision of “better” truly entails.

Source: Twitter

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