RUMOR: ‘Among Us VR’ May Be Eyeing a November Release

among us vr release

There’s nothing like a game that lets you stab your friends in the back and lie to them just like Among Us. What started with a quiet release would grow into one of the biggest games of the last year. Then, it was announced back in December that the hit game was getting the virtual reality treatment. We haven’t heard much since but it looks like the game might finally have a release date due to a posting on SteamDB.

For those that might be wondering what SteamDB is: it is simply a reporting tool that takes information from the online storefront of Steam, posts all of the information uploaded to the service, and lists it in a handy database for us to view. The site has consistently posted pretty reliable information, from unknown release dates to unknown games. Ever since it launched, the service has been giving tidbits to gamers for years now.

Found in the files recently was a listing for Among Us VR with a release date of November 10, 2022. The game has made huge waves in gaming, going from a small indie game ready to release a second title, and ending up as an expanding love service that was able to find success on PC, Consoles, and Mobile. The game is ripe for VR content, between its simple concept to its “keeping you busy” type tasks, the game should certainly translate to VR.

Among Us might be one of the biggest surprise hits in gaming history. As a result of an uptick in content creators playing the game during the pandemic, the game went from being almost a write-off to a very successful property. The game, toys, and even online media have made the IP grow exponentially, and with VR continuing to grow, especially with the likes of the Meta Quest 2 and PSVR2, I feel the game will certainly have a long life in VR.

Source: SteamDB

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