RUMOR: Marvel Studios Hoping to Start Production on ‘Blade’ in Early 2023

mcu blade

Just as many Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were on a high with the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, it seemed like another production was facing some turbulent times. The long-awaited Blade film has been continuously pushed back and is now seemingly in limbo. The film lost its director Bassam Tariq and Moon knight writer Beau DeMayo is on board to rewrite the script. Still, it seems Marvel Studios is still hopeful about getting the project off the ground sooner than later.

According to Big Screen Leaks, Marvel is hoping to start production in early 2023. Of course,e that depends strongly if they find a director by then and can also get the script together. Film productions start without a finished script, but they’ll likely try to finish an outline that will help solidify the project, especially with Mahershala Ali already attached to play the role.

It’s not been an easy road for this project, but there’s also a lot of hope to give the character the right treatment. Early castings already hinted at the project moving away from the 1998 version as they try to embrace his comic roots. Early storyline teases hinted that the film might take a more Gothic direction and explore the character during the 1920s. Though, if they are rewriting the script it is unclear if they will still stick to this original pitch. Either way, it’s better they take their time until the project is ready rather than rush it out and we’ll see who they might find as the new director.

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