RUMOR: ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ May Add Riri Williams as an NPC

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Marvel’s Avengers is about to enter 2022, as we still await the next roadmap for the game. The first year may have started off bumpy, but we saw the additions of four heroes, Kate Bishop, Clint Barton, Black Panther, and the PS-exclusive Spider-Man. We don’t know quite yet what we can expect from this year’s content outside of rumblings surrounding She-Hulk, but there might be another familiar face joining the game as a non-playable-character.

@EddyZ115, who has been data mining the game for some time now, has shared that a file in the game includes the name, Riri Williams. Comic fans will instantly recognize Ironheart’s civilian name, who is also set to get her own Disney+ show in the near future. There have been rumblings about a mystery character to join the already rumored characters next year, as pointed out by @mmmmmmmmiller. As such, it was believed she might be the character in question, but was later highlighted that this file includes references to a character model that is possibly for an NPC.

We still have to take this information with a grain of salt, as the existence of the character in the game doesn’t mean they finalized anything. In August of 2020, there was a listing of 15 possible DLC characters heading to the game due to what was available in the game’s source code. Yet, the development on each character that has released so far varied and plans can always change as they continue working on the game.

Her inclusion as an NPC character wouldn’t be too surprising, as most of their latest offerings included some familiar faces that are mainly supporting roles in the respective stories. Black Panther’s expansion included Shuri as an NPC in the new hub world, and it’s likely that Riri might have a similar role for another character. Of course, we still have to take this information with a grain of salt until we get the actual roadmap for 2022.

Source: Twitter

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