Ryan Reynolds Teases the Return of a Fan Favorite Character for ‘Deadpool 3’

After a lengthy absence from the news cycle, Deadpool 3 has made its way back into the spotlight again recently. The film, which will be co-produced by star Ryan Reynold’s own production company, will see Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who wrote the first two films, team up with new director Shawn Levy to bring the Merc With a Mouth to the MCU.

Of course, with Deadpool 3 being the first time a Fox-owned IP makes the jump to the MCU from the pre-existing continuity, fans have been eager to learn what other characters, if any, would also make the jump. While it’s not Josh Brolin’s Cable or Zazie Beetz’s Domino, Reynolds may have just given fans an answer to their question.

It’s certainly no confirmation, but Reynolds’ reply to Leslie Uggams, who play Deadpool’s roomie and bestie, Blind Al, in the first two installments COULD be an indication that the actress will return for the third go around. Uggams is great in the role, playing it straight opposite Reynolds’ over the top humor, and would be a welcome addition to the film as the characters jump into the MCU.

With a director on board and the script, originally written by Wendy and Lizzie Molyneux, heading to Reese and Wernick for a once-over, Deadpool 3 could be looking at going into production in the first quarter of 2023, putting it on track for a 2024 release.

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