Sam Raimi Teases How His Earlier Horror Films Influenced ‘Doctor Strange 2’

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While we’re excited to head into the multiverse, there’s a lot of potential with Marvel Studios’ first true venture into horror. The genre is a long-time favorite for many moviegoers and the film has promised that it’ll give us the kind of scares we’ve always hoped to see in a Marvel film. When Sam Raimi took over from Scott Derrickson, we knew that the film is still in good hands to keep that genre alive.

The director may be quite famous for setting the benchmark for modern superhero films with 2002’s Spider-Man, he made a name in the industry with his work on the Evil Dead series. He even followed up his caped adventures with Drag Me to Hell, as a way to venture to During the press conference, Sam Raimi talked about how those films influenced his venture into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When Kevin announced that this movie would be the first entry into Marvel putting their toe into the world of horror, I was thrilled that he called me to come in and talk about the possibility of directing this picture. I was able to take those horror films I made in my youth, and what I had learned from them, building suspense sequences, tituling the audience, going to give them a scare now? No, NOW I am going to give it to them. That stuff I was able to apply in the spooky sequences in this film.

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It certainly sounds promising, especially with the iconic camera shots that made him stand out as a director. The first clips and even the trailers included some references to his talent with the camera, which will make the film potentially stand out among Marvel’s already impressive filmography. As he’s openly stated he is excited to potentially direct another project, here’s hoping he can further expand the horror projects for Marvel Studios.

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