Samuel L. Jackson Accidentally Leaks Martin Freeman Joined ‘Secret Invasion’

secret invasion leak

During a panel with Happy Sad Confused Podcast’s Josh Horowitz, it seems that Samuel L. Jackson may have accidentally confirmed that Martin Freeman‘s Everett Ross will make an appearance in the upcoming Secret Invasions Disney+ series. So far, he hasn’t been announced as part of the cast, but it does make sense given his ties to the CIA. They are discussing the various talent in the project highlighting Emilia Clarke and Olivia Coleman. In the middle of it, he suddenly adds that Martin Freeman.

His addition does open up the question of whether we might even see Sharon Carter make an appearance in the series. We were left off with the reveal she was actually the Power Broker in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. So, she seems like a likely candidate to turn out as a Skrull and she seemingly got her old job back during the ending of that Disney+ series’ run. So, the return of Ross would also mean there’s a chance she could appear.

Ross’ appearance also makes you wonder where he’ll stand and what that means for Nick Fury. As far as we know, SHIELD is still disbanded in this universe. So, perhaps he is currently working for the government through the CIA. Yet, it seems more likely he is just doing his own thing and could be reviving the spy organization as a result of the invasion. We also don’t know why the Department of Damage Control knew about his whereabouts in space. Here’s hoping the series might finally answer ra few of our lingering questions.

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