SDCC: ‘The Sandman’ Creator Once Pitched a ‘Marvel 1602’ Adaptation

marvel 1602 movie

San Diego Comic-Con sometimes reveals some interesting details from the past that we may have never found out otherwise. Before the days of Marvel Studios, there was a very different regime. Ike Perlmutter is still famous for being very frugal and Avi Arad once had a big hand in what Marvel’s future was about, a production studio under the tutelage of toy producers. During that era, Neil Gaiman, the creator of Sandman and many iconic stories, seemingly tried to pitch a live-action film.

It seems that back then he tried to pitch them a live-action adaptation of Marvel 1602, which was a unique storyline that would’ve explored our favorite heroes during the year 1602. While an interesting twist would connect it to the present day, the adaptation was certainly something that could’ve offered a very unique take on superhero stories. He has pointed out that he hopes maybe the current leadership is interested in adapting it.

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