‘SHANG-CHI’ Producer Teases More Ta Lo in the MCU’s Future

shang chi ta lo

It seems we might have just scratched the surface with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings‘ new location called Ta Lo. In the film, it’s the sanctuary of the Great Protector and many other mystical creatures of Chinese mythology. While we did get a brief history lesson on the purpose of the village, there was no real exploration beyond this specific location.

Luckily, it seems we’ve only scratched the surface as Marvel Studios producer Jonathan Schwartz hinted that we might learn more about this mysterious location in the franchise’s future, as they tried to get a clear confirmation where this mysterious dimension takes place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I think more will be revealed about Ta Lo in the future. But I wouldn’t want to put a label on it just yet.

Jonathan Schwartz

He plays coy on if this is an additional dimension. The challenge is that the existence of the Multiverse parallel to other dimensions, as The Direct points out, creates the question of how the rules apply. It’s uncertain if this is some kind of pocket dimension connected. The fact we get to explore more of it is an exciting prospect, especially when they teased the existence of mysterious cities that once existed within this realm.

Perhaps there’s a bigger connection to other mythology from Marvel Comics that will be built upon as the world continues to grow. With rumors pointing at the inclusion of Atlantis in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, we might see a very different MCU once it fully expands throughout Phase 4.

Source: The Direct

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