‘She-Hulk’s Head Writer Teases Abomination’s Original Multi-Episode Trial

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Any project goes through various drafts before the camera ever start rollinig. Sometimes things come together as the original pitch is being reworked or when other writers offer input to further develop these projects. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law‘s head writer, Jessica Gao, reveals that she always had planned to include Emili Blonsky in some form, but reveals he originally had a bigger role early on.

My pitch for the show is pretty close to the show that you’re watching. All the kind of key foundational elements were there: Emil Blonsky/Abomination was always in the pitch. Bruce was always in the pitch. I didn’t know if I could use them. I didn’t know what their relationship was to Abomination anymore. But I thought, you know what? This is what I want — so I’ll just pitch it. Thankfully, they liked all of it.

Jessica Gao

It does seem like not too much changed from the original pitch, yet she goes on to highlight that Blonsky’s trial was changed the most, as it originally was going to take part across multiple episodes before they realized the difficulty of keeping a trial interesting for that long.

When I went in, it definitely skewed a lot more heavily towards Blonsky’s trial. In my original pitch, it was an actual trial and it spanned multiple episodes. When we got into the writers’ room, inevitably things change as you’re developing the show and as you start writing. And one thing that we all realized very slowly was none of us are that adept at writing, you know, rousing trial scenes.

Jessica Gao

Now, there’s already a reaction to this honesty from Gao downplaying the value they brought to creating a law comedy. She’s not saying they couldn’t bring together a lawyer show but rather that they were likely struggling to keep the Abomination trial interesting across multiple episodes. Poor wording does make it look rather negative which is easy bait for the usual online discourse.

Plus, it would’ve restricted them in a corner so they rather focused on their strengths, a show that’s more about a persona balancing their life who happens to be a superhero and lawyer. An important lesson here: always play to your strengths rather than forcing something.

Source: Variety

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