Simu Liu Discusses ‘Shang-Chi’ Sequel Plans

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As Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes to a close with the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, discussions are being had about which projects stood out the most during this new era for Marvel Studios. Generally speaking, one of the largest successes on the theatrical side was Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. After being one of the best critical and commercial performances of 2021, a direct sequel, to be written and directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, has been announced. Though it’s far too early for any plot details to be known, star actor Liu has some thoughts about what could transpire for the sequel film.

I think just what Shaun decides to do with all this newfound power, you know? It kind of consumed his father, consumed Wenwu. I’m curious as to how someone much younger, much more inexperienced, would fare against the rings. Just this idea of all of a sudden being gifted something that’s so powerful but also so dangerous. And then the other big question I have is, you know, in what way does Shaun fit in with the rest of the MCU? Who are you going to see? What kind of crazy team-ups? What kinda tie-ins, Easter eggs? I’m just as much in the dark as everyone else, so I don’t know anything, but I’m excited to dive into that process.

Simu Liu

The notion of focusing on the younger generation and comparing it to the reign of Wenwu certainly opens the door for interesting story potential. Tony Leung’s character quickly has become one of the most well-received antagonists of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and finding a way to continue his legacy would be fruitful for the sequel. In addition, folding Shang-Chi into the greater universe would be a logical move as a character that feels primed to be a key part of a hypothetical Avengers roster for their upcoming films. There are certainly various different avenues of existing and new concepts that would work well to connect the popular hero to various stalwarts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When it comes to the idea of being a fixture at Marvel Studios, Liu has a positive outlook on wanting to stay as long as Kevin Feige and company will let him.

As far as when I think that’s just a question of timing and how well my back holds up through the years. I’ll make 40 of them if we can.

Simu Liu

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is currently available to watch on Disney+. There has been no official announcement made on when the sequel film will release theatrically.

Source: Complex

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