‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ Director Already Has Ideas for a Potential Sequel

sonic the hedgehog 2 sequel

During the Game Awards, we finally got our first look at the upcoming sequel of 2019’s Sonic the Hedgehog. We learned some time ago that Idris Elba would return to voice the character of Knuckles, but knew very little about what to expect from the sequel. Right before the event, we got our first poster confirming the return of Jim Carrey‘s Robotnik and a hint at what the future has to offer.

It wasn’t until the trailer dropped that we got a look at the Echidna and even the confirmation of the Master Emerald appearing. Of course, the greater mythology of the original series opening up does make you wonder if they mapped out with sequels in mind. Luckily, director Jeff Fowler offered some insight in a new interview with Collider. While a third entry has yet to be confirmed, it seems the director already has some ideas brewing.

Of course. Even if somebody didn’t ask me to be thinking about ideas for future installments, it would be impossible not to. Even as we’re working through the visual effects and animation on this film, it’s impossible not to already get excited and to be starting to scheme about all the directions that the story could go, what new characters coming in, the impact that they could have. It’s the best part of the creative process when it’s just kind of a blank canvas and you can really just start to have blue sky ideas, even if, again, it’ not in an official capacity. If the request comes through to start laying the blueprints for another Sonic film, I will be armed and ready with all kinds of ideas. I would just love to get that opportunity.

Jeff Fowler

Of course, he won’t give away any details on what their potential approach is going to be, especially with the sequel taking on elements from multiple franchises. Technically, Knuckles’ introduction is from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 while there were also GUN sightings, which were introduced as part of the Sonic Adventure franchise. They might take elements from the game’s original lore and mix them up in creative ways. It does make you wonder though if Master Emerald is also going to lead into the eventual introduction of Chaos.

Source: Collider

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