‘Superman and Lois’ Won’t Get Canceled According to New DC Studios Heads

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Everything was on the chopping block until a few hours ago when the official line-up for DC Studios’ new take on the DC Cinematic Universe was unveiled. No longer where the TV shows and movies compete with each other but rather establish a more coherent experience moving forward. Yet, it seems that they aren’t completely dropping every project after all.

In an interview with Variety, they have seemingly hinted that Superman and Lois will still go on for “one to two more seasons.” It would also match that they wrap up production on the series just as Superman: Legacy would be making its way to theaters. As such, they can keep the series running until they finish work on their new take that’ll truly kick off the DCU.

Funny enough, it seems they have no comment in regards to Gotham Knights, the latest CW series whose first season is set to premiere on March 14th. Given that this series seemingly has little to do with its titular inspiration, the series has been dead on arrival. Still, who knows if it’ll find an audience after all as it is the most removed from the usual superhero fare.

In an era where Doom Patrol and Titans got canceled, it is great to see some series survive to carry on the legacy. The long-running Arrowverse series The Flash is also coming to an end and likely the entire TV spinoff series with it. What that might mean for the future still remains to be seen as some series will remain canon while others aren’t. So, we’ll have to see if the DC Studios logo will be that signifier moving forward.

Source: Variety

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