SWCA: ‘Star Wars Visions’ Volume 2 Confirmed for 2023, More Animation Styles Teased

star wars visions 2

We’ve long waited for an update on if we can expect a future for the Star Wars Visions series. The first left quite a mark with viewers, as the blending of the classic George Lucas franchise with anime just seemed like a recipe for success. We haven’t gotten a confirmation for a future season, but it has finally been confirmed during the exclusive Visions panel at Star Wars Celebration with a new updated logo all in red. There’s no word however if this might mean we’ll get a bit more from the Sith in the next volume.

Yet, they have announced that it won’t just be focused on anime this time around but include animation from across the world. So, we might expect a lot more diversity in the stories being told and how they may be explored. It’s an exciting future development to see them diversify.

Source: Twitter

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