Tara Strong Teases Miss Minutes’ Future in ‘Loki’

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Loki has introduced the world to a variety of standout characters that work for the Time Variance Authority. Owen Wilson‘s Mobius is a standout, whose dynamic with Tom Hiddleston has become a highlight of every episode so far. Now, we’ve also got introduced to a curious animated character named Miss Minutes, who first appeared as a Jurassic Park-style part of n animated intro to the organization. Later, we find out she actually has a hologram-like form as she interacts with the God of Mischief. Well, her voice actress, Tara Strong, teased that there s more to the character in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

I can cryptically tease that you’ll see her again. There’s much more to be revealed, and it’s fun to watch that unfold. The beautiful thing about this character is you don’t really know who she is, where she’s from, what her origin story is, how sentient she is, if she has a horse in this race at all, and what her intentions are, if any. Like any good, exciting adventure, TV or film, you are left wondering that all the time. So she’s an intriguing character, and that will continue.

It certainly sounds promising that we’ll find out more about how exactly Miss Minutes fits into the TVA. The latest episode had a rather large reveal regarding the different agents that work there and she may have a connection to the Time Keepers. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long to find out what exactly her role is and what the future holds for the iconic franchise.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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