‘The Batman’ Producer Reveals Planned Start of Production for the Sequel

As DC Studios is remade under co-chairs James Gunn and Peter Safran, Matt Reeves suite of Gotham-based projects remain part of the plan. While they’ll be apart from the main DCU as part of the new Elseworlds banner, projects such as The Penguin and the recently announced The Batman-Part II are integral components of the future of the studio.

Set photos of Collin Farrell recently revealed that the HBO Max series, The Penguin, has begun production ahead of its expected 2024 release. Now, thanks to producer Michael Uslan, fans can also look forward to production on the sequel to 2022’s The Batman getting underway this year as well.

The Batman-Part II is tentatively slated for a November 2023 start of production, providing nearly two years for Reeves to craft the film before of its scheduled October 5, 2023 release. With the project on Pace for a late 2023 start of production, casting for the film should get underway over the next couple of months providing fans with an opportunity to begin to gleam some clues of the sequel’s story.

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