‘THE GOOD PLACE’S” William Jackson Harper to Narrate ‘Black Panther’ Audio Series

We’ve talked about video games, films and comics so far. Now, it’s time to explore a completely new part of the media multiverse, audio dramas. Marvel is no stranger to these kinds of projects. They’ve created a series focused on everyone’s favorite Wolverine titled Wolverine: The Lost Trail. There also is an audio drama focused on the king of Wakanda, T’Challa. The story Black Panther: The Young Prince explored his childhood.

It seems that they aren’t quite done yet with the cat-friendly superhero, as they are expanding with one more titled Marvel’s Black Panther: Sins of the King. It will be released in January, as it follows the T’Challa facing a reality where his father was accidentally brought back to life. Now, it was revealed that The Good Place‘s William Jackson Harper will be narrating the story. He shared his enthusiasm in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“I remember seeing Black Panther in the theatre and just being giddy about how many kids like me will have this be one of their first and formative sci-fi experiences, and how open they will be to seeing all kinds of people inhabiting these worlds as they grow older, which is why I am thrilled to be a part of this project.”

It’s always great to see companies branch out and try new approaches to reach audiences. Stories that focus on characters like Black Panther are especially important to share, as Harper points out. DC has also started exploring the world of audio drama with its recent release of The Sandman on Audible. Hopefully, this could also kickstart Harper‘s chancing of joining the upcoming sequel to Marvel Studios’ Black Panther. He was amazing in The Good Place and would make a great addition to that film’s cast. Either way, it will be exciting to hear his narration once Marvel’s Black Panther Sins of the King releases.

Source: Wolverine Podcast, Penguin, The Hollywood Reporter, Audible

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