The Hardest Thing About Making ‘WHAT IF…?’

Making a Marvel Studios property seems hard on so many levels and an animated show like What If…?, done in the vein of the big MCU films, looks like an impossible feat to accomplish. But the people behind the show do the seemingly impossible and pull off thrilling episodes on a weekly basis.

In an interview we did with Animation Supervisor Stephan Franck, he shared with us what the toughest part of making What If…? is.

There are different angles that we try to be mindful of. One of them is the continuity of these characters. Their vibe is well established in the movies and we really try to honor that in these new incarnations of the characters. Connecting to that is very important. Who’s a smartass? Who’s more earnest? Who’s more deadpan? All that stuff.

Keeping characterization is one thing but making sure the action lives up to the million-dollar action sequences of Avengers: Infinity War or Captain America: The Winter Soldier is another thing. Franck notes that action is something they hone in on.

We try to be very specific with the action. As you mentioned, the action is crazy and intense. The fighting styles are very specific. Those are things we always look out for making this show.

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