‘THE NEW MUTANTS’ Headed to Homes Next Month

Fox’s final X-film, The New Mutants, has had about as weird of a journey as any film this side of Wonder Woman 1984, but it’s finally coming home to rest on November 17th. Digital and physical copies will be available the same day allowing fans to finally feast their eyes on the film.

As big of a fan of the property and characters as I am (especially ‘Yana), I made no effort to trek out to the theaters in the midst of the pandemic to see it and, according to the box office receipts, not too many of you all did either. Given director Josh Boone’s controversial takes on quite a few subjects, the lackluster reviews and some of the typical nonsensical Fox hack jobs done to the characters, I’m not sure I’ll be rushing out to snag a copy, but should we all get locked down again for the Winter, it might provide me with a good, cleansing cry.


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