‘The Simpsons’, ‘Family Guy’, and ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Renewed at Fox

The current guard of Fox’s Animation Domination will be remaining intact for the foreseeable future. All three of The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Bob’s Burgers have received renewals for two additional seasons on Fox. This will total the three shows at 36, 23, and 15 seasons, respectively. The three network stalwarts are now owned by Disney following the company’s multi-billion dollar acquisition of numerous assets of 21st Century Fox. The Simpsons is currently available to stream on Disney+, while Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers are hosted on Hulu. In a press release, Executive Vice President of 20th Century Animation Marci Proietto waxed ecstatic about the renewals.

Across 750 episodes of The Simpsons, 400 episodes of Family Guy, and 250 episodes of Bob’s Burgers, we couldn’t be more proud to continue delivering these three animated hits with the most brilliant teams in animation. Our relationship with Fox over the past three decades has allowed this trio of shows to thrive, grow and deliver immeasurable moments of hilarious and irreverent entertainment for fans, and we are absolutely thrilled that Fox is doubling down on each of these iconic shows.

Marci Proietto

These renewals show the true staying power animation has on terrestrial network television. As ratings have continuously dropped across the board in traditional television, few stalwarts have been able to maintain sustainable audience sizes. And shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Bob’s Burgers have been able to do so. It ultimately remains to be seen now if the quality of these shows can continue to persist.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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