‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ To Start Filming Next Year

Tennis star Serena Williams spoke to Natalie Portman recently about the new NWSL team they co-own coming to L.A.. Luckily for us Serena asked Natalie about her playing Jane as The Mighty Thor in Thor Love and Thunder.  

At first joking that filming hasn’t started yet but it gives her “more time to, you know, get jacked.” Natalie added that she’s “got the carbo loading down but not the leg exercises.” Then she dropped a confirmation of when and where she expects filming to begin.

“Very excited. We’re shooting in Australia at the beginning of next year.”

“Interested to see if I can actually gain muscle,” Natalie joked again. It seems as if she’s taking her Mighty Thor role very seriously despite the expectations of there being a lot of humor in the script similar to Thor Ragnarok. Natalie is a very committed actress so I expect she will do her best to “get jacked.”

As for the news that Thor Love and Thunder is expected to start filming in Australia at the beginning of next year, this is not surprising. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings needs to finish filming before Thor can begin. Plus the release date for the fourth Thor film was pushed back to early 2022 for that reason. However it is good to have the star actress confirm that she expects to need to be in “mighty” good shape for filming by early 2021 not later.

Fingers crossed that doesn’t get pushed back again.

Source: YouTube


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