‘WandaVision’s New Post-Credit Secret Cameo May Not Be a Cameo After All

wandavision post credit

Over the weekend, avid viewers uncovered an interesting secret. Marvel Studios has secretly edited the WandaVision finale. At first, it seemed to mainly adapt to the surrounding of Wanda’s cabin. Of course, theories started that it might be to fit the environment we’ll get introduced to in her net appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. They even edited the credits to include a mention of Michael Giacchino‘s Doctor Strange score. So, of course, the moment Reddit users noticed a strange shadow moving in the background. Instantly, theories started to point it potentially being Strange or even his Astral projection. Well, it turns out, a TikTok user by the name of @curtskelton figured out what the mysterious being was and it’s not what you think. The video was shared by Reddit user u/Cinephobe.


I discovered what that “thing” was in the new after credits scene in WandaVision from marvelstudios


Well, it looks like Doctor Strange still hasn’t made an appearance in WandaVision after all. As the Tiktok user points out, it was simply an editing error that did not get removed in previous frames. It makes sense as the figure was moving awkwardly in the background and it does line up quite a bit with the lighting correction. There is always a chance they could add to it, but now that it’s making the rounds, they might even just take it out with the next edit. It’s still interesting that they adapted the post-credit sequence to begin with, which is a curious decision this long after release.

They have taken out errors in the past, such as they famously did with The Mandalorian. An extra was accidentally still in a background who got edited out at a later date to correct the error. Sadly, they won’t edit in some of the missing sequences that got cut due to time constraints as revealed by Matt Shakman. We can still dream of Ralph Bohner and Monica Rambeau facing an evil devil rabbit.

Source: Reddit

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