Warner Bros. ‘Superman’ Revival Plans Potentially Stalled

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Henry Cavill just recently made his long-awaited return as Superman in the Black adam post-credit sequence. while it was exactly what Dwayne Johnson hyped up during his press tour, there still were many questions if this was a one-off event or if Warner Bros. Discovery has bigger plans moving forward. Naturally, it seemed clear they wanted to have the actor back for more adventures as the Man of Steel, but it seems those plans are currently being stalled going to a new report by The Wrap.

It seems that the project has lost all momentum moving forward, as they are still looking for a writer and director for a potential Man of Steel sequel, and they still haven’t made a formal deal with Henry Cavill to join the franchise. A big factor seems to be the fact that James Gunn and Peter Safran‘s recent addition as co-CEOs of DC Studios may be delaying things, as they map out the long-range plan for the DC Cinematic Universe.

There was the assumption that he has joined WB’s plans for the character after exiting The Witcher series after being its main lead for three seasons, but it seems more and more evident that this was mostly due to the way the project was developing. For now, we shouldn’t expect a return anytime soon and it’s unclear if Johnson gets his way of just turning the sequel for Black Adam into a Superman showdown.

Source: The Wrap

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