Water 7 Arc Will be Featured in ‘One Piece Odyssey’

one piece odyssey

There were quite a few questions on what we should expect from One Piece‘s latest game that takes a new direction. Unlike the previous game, One Piece is once again exploring the concept of a Straw Hat-focused RPG titled One Piece Odyssey. The story sees our favorite pirates trapped on an island after their ship the Thousand Sunny is surprisingly destroyed.

There were some worries that the game may restrict the team to a rather simple island without much variation. Yet, we were then surprised with the reveal that you’ll be visiting memories of the Straw Hats crews throughout the adventure. That not only confirmed various new locations and storylines to revisit, but it also opened up the question of what storylines may find their way to the story. So far, we only knew about Alabasta but now it seems Water 7 Arc is also going to be playable.

In a tweet shared by @newworldartur, they include an interesting scan that reveals the information on One Piece Odyssey‘s next playable level. It offers the first tease of Kaku’s appearance, who’ll likely be a boss in the storyline, and it also seems that Franky’s original pre-time skip design will be available. It’s unclear though if the character is the one we know from the main storyline, or the straw hats meet a version from their memories.

This new showcase is very likely also going to be followed by a new trailer. The game is set to release in January to kick off the year and is also still part of the 25th anniversary of One Piece. So, we’ll likely find out more once the next trailer drops and gives us a good look at how the adaptation may twist the original story, as it’ll feature Straw Hats that have already lived through these events.

Source: Twitter

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