WB Games Montreal Teases Upcoming Reveal & Court of Owls in Cryptic Tweet

WB Games Montreal still enjoys teasing fans about their upcoming project. Back in January, they shared a tweet with a random symbol. Some believed it was connected to the Gotham PD. This wasn’t their first time doing so. They also had a tweet back in September that came with a changing symbols and the text “Capture the Knight”. Luckily, we finally have the confirmation that they will reveal it at DC FanDome so the guessing game will come to an end soon. Still, they haven’t lost their joy in sharing cryptic tweets. At first, it just seems to be showing some random symbols connected to an account called r3dakt3d. This actually overlaps with their January tweet that also had /redacted included. It includes a rather bizarre video, as seen below:

It’s a rather strange short video to explain, as there are a variety of numbers and symbols. Let’s just talk about the things that really stand out. In its 25 second run time, we get flashed three visuals. Each one flashes by in a second, so they aren’t easy to make out. Especially the first and last symbols aren’t highlighted enough to truly get a good look. Luckily, the one in the middle gives us a much clearer look at what they are teasing, the Court of Owls.


This isn’t the first time they have been teased. The previously mentioned, “Capture the Knight” is a famous line connected to the fowl court. There was also the rather obvious tweet by creator Scott Snyder with the hashtag “Beware the Court of Owls” that got deleted shortly after. KC Walsh has also teased this project to include a faction and nemesis concept. Even rumored that we can play as multiple members of the bat-family. We’ve been waiting for almost a year for WB Games Montreal to confirm their latest project. Seems we won’t have to wait until DC FanDome for a first look, as the r3dakt3d Site also teases an upcoming reveal tomorrow:


The build-up to Saturday’s DC FanDome is starting and cannot wait to see what else might be heading our way in the coming days.

Source: Twitter, CNet, Looper, Twitter (KC Walsh), r3dakt3d

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